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way cook duck rice soup porridge as delicious, attractive

way cook duck rice soup as delicious, attractive

way cook duck rice soup

way cook duck rice soup, then anyone can cook. How to cook porridge can be cooked duck. But not everyone knows how to cook duck porridge stars for real sweet and aromatic. Because this is a very popular dish
variable. raw materials easy to find. The majority are taste with everyone. The day was cold soy sauce xụp hot duck porridge Bowl is not nothing.

To get a real delicious duck porridge dishes to Cook, first of all, you need a little know-how in selecting raw materials. Preliminary suture material. combining the ingredients together. Degrees of fire, a flavor, aromas.
But see actually way cook duck rice soup dishes of ngonngon.info here is very simple. Invite people along the track.

Way cook duck rice soup delicious attractive. The secret in the part material.

Raw materials for cooking duck porridge

Duck: I chose Duck type of grass, grass Van Dinh Duck  is as delicious.

way cook duck rice soup
Rice: one cup, we mix 3 part 7 part remaining rice, glutinous rice

way cook duck rice soup
Garlic: 6 bulbs, we choose garlic scented than going from Hanoi. 8 shallot bulbs
The peppers for about 5 left, 100 g fresh ginger
Vegetables such as perilla, green onions, basil, need to ship, …
Types of seasonings, sauce, salt, pepper, and cooking oil, …

The second secret of how to cook delicious duck porridge is the preliminary processing of raw materials

Step 1:

clean the duck. the reduction goes fishy smell of duck with wine and ginger. Then soak in salted water for about 10 minutes. Finally rinse with clean water.

Step 2:

we bake 4 Purple Onion and batter for stamping. Then put in a pot of boiling water.

Step 3:

when you see the boiling pot of water, we put the ducks into the cooking. While cooking, we remember to the porridge in the water and foam Barber does not smell. This is one of those little secrets of how to cook porridge ngonngon.info porridge to duck’s duck-delicious and beautiful form of moving.

way cook duck rice soup

Step 4:

Clean wash the Rice, then drained and rang for the gold. Next we give the porridge in the pot and cook until rice swells. How to cook porridge with duck like this, you should cook for rice seed burst of moderate, not too root bloom and porridge pot will more delicious.

way cook duck rice soup

Step 5:

when you see a duck cooked and tender. We Picked the duck out and cut into small pieces just to eat. Then the flavor for the porridge pot has just eaten.

way cook duck rice soup

Step 6:

make the Ginger Sauce to Stitch dots duck meat. This is a step to create
should the success of way cook duck rice soup. We mashed the garlic, ginger and chilli to retire, then with the national sugar sauce Republic 2 sauce: 1 way and for all the spices to stir. And can be squeezed more less lemon juice to make the sauce smoother.

way cook duck rice souptitle=”way cook duck rice soup”
When the duck porridge dishes, we enjoy coming duck meat and vegetables served in a small disk. The porridge we scoop out the large bowl, put the green onions, onion, pepper and at least early on. Other decorative way, you also can cut thin pieces of meat duck and then coming on the bowl.

way cook duck rice soup

I hope that with this duck porridge, cooked the way you can confidently cooked duck porridge
to treat both a really delicious meal. Although maybe that’s the first time you try to cook oatmeal.

Ngonngon.info Wish all you duck porridge dish with a delicious aromatic concentration. And
success with way cook duck rice soup of ngonngon.info

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