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Duck hot pot stew Lemongrass

Duck hot pot stew Lemongrass, Vietnamese cuisine delicacies,

Lẩu vịt hầm sả

Duck hot pot stew Lemongrass is an excellent combination in the way dishes. Contribute to the diversity of Vietnamese cuisine. By duck is great material to we can processing a lot of delicious dishes for the whole family. Duck stew dish in which citronella is widely ươ like best. Here is how to cook Duck hot pot stew Lemongrass of tasty ngonngon.info. Let’s all save on his housewife handbook to bringing his cooking!!!

According to traditional medicine, the duck has a sweet taste, as coldness has the effect of detoxifying thermal bar very good. So use the duck to food processing isan appropriate choice for us.

And a dish of our meal is considered a familiar dish. Eat hot pot feel luxurious. Rustic feel, simplicity. The duck hot pot stew Lemongrass a delicious dish of every home.

The duck hot pot stew Lemongrass is a dish healthier cooking, raw materials are nottoo picky. Duck‘s pets are very familiar to us. And the grass is the main raw materialis the second type of country flavors so popular. There are two things worry don’t enjoy being pot stew Lemongrass.

Already know the main ingredients of what we are today. Now start cooking the duck hot pot stew Lemongrass along ngonngon.info come on!!!

The raw materials needed to cook the duck hot pot stew Lemongrass delicious Kingfisher

Lemongrass simmer the duck hot pot stew Lemongrass

Lẩu vịt hầm sả

Duck, we should choose the Siamese duck meat because the meat it tough and sweet. If no Siamese duck we choose duck I cook is also very delicious.

Lemongrass, roughly 200 g300 g is enough. You should select original to Kingfisher, white. And fresh lemon grass should be used for more bold fragrance

The extra material for the duck hot pot stew Lemongrass. equally important.

Two coconuts. Or we are coconut, about a quart of water.

Two white radish, choose fresh beets. AI heard heavy handed, make the meat.

Two dozen fresh quail eggs. 300 g mushrooms straw and three red beets.

Two pieces of tofu and left two cucumbers. Finally the ginger, garlic, shallot, lemon, pepper and other spices.

Preparing to add some veggies to dip eaten that you like.

How to cook the duck hot pot stew Lemongrass

preliminary processing of raw materials

After cleaning the duck feathers. The step is important to eliminate fishy odor away.I rub the salt and monitoring body o duck. Then soak in wine and Ginger mashed stab. Finally rinse several times with clean water. Fasten off chunks.

Lẩu vịt hầm sả

Quail eggs cooked, Peel the shells clean. straw mushroom cut root, pickled in salt, rinsed, drained.

Red and white radish peeled, wash the chunk size.

Finely minced Lemongrass a little. The rest of song, dark sand. If he leaves the bundle into little bundles dropped into for aromatherapy.

Assorted vegetables washed, drained.

How to Cook

Step 1: Marinated meat.

Duck meat after drained. I marinated with a tablespoon of sauce, a tablespoon of minced ginger. And a tablespoon of seasoning, a tablespoon of shallot and finely minced garlic. Next for two tablespoons of white wine and half a tablespoon of lemon.We stir up, to about half.

lẩu vịt hầm sả.

Step 2: stir-fry of meat

First we hash with little lemon-oil African. Then for the meat on the island. Attentionis quickly stir-fried with a large fire. For the meat Duck Hunt back and not do the hard meat.

lẩu vịt hầm sả.

Step 3: Cook the soup:

For about 1.5 liters of water into the cooking. For the radish and cucumber on the General cooking. Next remove the bulbs grills beats stomp on. Cook with medium fire for about an hour, to result. We can use coconut water always cooking also.


Next we get water in the filter. Then for the coconut into a more original, Lemongrass and Ginger Cook slamming beats boiling up. Then removed the meat to cook. We have seen the bubbles as long as cach picked out for water in.

Step 4: the duck hot pot stew baked lemon grass

We eat and cook to medium wedge forward until the meat is tender. Before cleaning the duck hot pot stew citronella fresh chillies cut a few more left in the pot. So the Duck dish fragrant lilac-the simplest way to tunnel our blessings were completed.

Lẩu vịt hầm sả

When cleaning the pot, we can cut more to the left with pungent flavor, delicious, next is the dish of mushroom, quail eggs, tofu. Don’t forget to dip the vegetables served with rice vermicelli.

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